Miss Jamaica tek wey harself (version 2)

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written by owen on 2007-Mar-24.

Translated into Creole from original post by AnnieK

Suh mi did a read Leon's thoughts on...Sara Lawrence's dethroning. Mi nuh tink dem odder Mis Jamaikans woulda haffi do abation or tink bout it. Mi fin seh it tuf fi get dem dem type a gal pumpum. Dem dem…stuck up laka acki. As if bareback…nun a dat. Fi mi search musi ole in a dis a place weh mi liv. Ina 1 year an come straight out di odda.

As fi di belly dash weh ting, shi kud da dun it inna secret by tekking a mawning afta pil or sinting laka dat. Bad an nuh bad, wusa tings dem hide from Jamaikan public. Anno everybaddi fool fool laka some people. Cut lung tory short, you caaan wah keep belly wid crown. And di way shi meega shi caan hide it edda. It jus nah go luk right suh a beta shi gwaan weh shi ago. A wah shi wuda a seh to di yout dem, meega, up an comin Miss Jamaikans dem? Anno like sey shi did maried - it wudda bad and no so bad. But be reasonable, 2 bull caan rule inna one pen. Gal hav tings fi du.

Shi duh di right ting AFTA shI Duh di wrong ting and dats all dat mattas. by "wrong ting" I no mean seh shi nuffi share har prizes wid simaddy but wusa "wrong ting" by not applying anti-breeding teknology. Coulda hap'n to anyone - Well nuh realli still, fus yu would haffi ugly enuff fi win di compitition, den you woulda haffi hav di breed-ability fi breed an anno everybaddi breedable haaat tall. Prevention betta dan cure. Guh tru my gal nuh watch nuh face. Tek weh uself. Pickney a blessing pon us all still. yousimi. more time.

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  1. that's a translation? I'm lucky I'm Jamaican.

    by Gods Child 2007-Mar-24 

  2. she said my version was "broken english" and proceeded to "fix it" so as to make it proper creole.

    by owen 2007-Mar-24 

  3. Now that I read it again, I could visualize Oliver doing this one.

    by Gods Child 2007-Mar-26 

  4. I don't know too many people who say "laka". Most people I know say like.

    by Mad Bull 2007-Mar-24