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written by owen on 2007-Jan-31.

On an average supermarket store shelf, you will see that strawberries are sold in packets of six. I noticed this, like how I notice crazy people on the side of the street, peeing in the corner of a wall. Apparently strawberries are jealous, heartless and conniving fruits. Having more than six in a packet would result in a bloody war or state of armed conflict resulting in murder. June Plums on the other hand are all ugly-a-like and are comfortable beside each other in great numbers. Apples could care less. In an extreme case, a couple shelves down, I found (and was tempted to buy for no reason) cherries which were stacked very bueatifully in sets of fifty. I smiled.

I not so often visit this supermarket. Its the best thing that I've ever seen. I can buy pre-seasoned meat and throw it into a frying pan. But I can't have my cake and eat it too. I can never decide what to get, so I always buy the same things. Unless there are other people there to influence my thoughts and desires to drive me crazy. Never buy coconut water that comes in a can - ever. I need an exit, I'm disgruntled. Well I know that its a wonderful world but I can't feel it right now. Dreams are for fools, they let you down. Vacation time.

The dirty little bank girl stopped by the tomatoes and fondled them. I cannot imagine how often per day those tomatoes were squeezed and smelt and rejected. The best of you. Many times I imagine. And this would all seem new and fascinating to them for the first couple a days. I thought it weird, they all looked perfectly fine to me. I would have just taken up a couple, marry them and be merrily on my way. But I guess I can't see as far, as clear. That is, if I bought tomatoes, in a supermarket, on a thursday night, using a check. I saw another woman come up to the tray of tomatoes like a deer to a watering hole and fondle. Some people just love riding the brakes. Where 2 or 3 are gathered together. I conceded that it must have been some sorta ritual. Thought nothing more of it and moved on, who am I to question the odd, strange, or eccentric sexual pleasures that tomatoes bestow? If it makes you happy.

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  1. i can always depend on you for a laugh. what you watching the people feeling up di tomatoes for??/

    anyway, i love going to the supermarket. the people at Food Fair must be wonder how come i in there so often. sometime i just go in and look and come out without anything.

    by yamfoot 2007-Jan-31 

  2. its kinda like sexual harassment but with tomatos. tomatos have rights too!

    by owen 2007-Jan-31 

  3. where you going?????

    by yamfoot 2007-Feb-01 

  4. hanging out in the sunshine state. hopefully it isn't too cold

    by owen 2007-Feb-01 

  5. So you and the dirty bank girl doing supermarket already! You quick, my yute! Respect! On another note, your post inspired me... I've been a bit in the doldrums you see and feeling like I cyah bodda post nothing, but now that I've read this, I feel like posting sup'm. We shall see whether I give in easily to these wanton desires.

    by mad bull 2007-Jan-31 

  6. I'm currently over at God's Child's more or less post questoning her values

    by owen 2007-Jan-31 

  7. Yamfoot, they must think you are a shoplifter or that you bruck!

    by mad bull 2007-Jan-31 

  8. It's really not fair on the tomatos. They bruise easily.

    Finally, you updated.

    by Gods Child 2007-Jan-31 

  9. yeah, I've been busy. plus I won't be here for the next couple a weeks, so there won't be any more updates. [upset] I'll miss you too.

    by owen 2007-Feb-01 

  10. come back soon.

    by Gods Child 2007-Feb-02 

  11. Test them for finger prints.

    by Tami 2007-Feb-05