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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

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written by owen on 2023-May-20.

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I have not watched one of these superhero movies in the theater is a longtime.  I think the last one was "doctor strange multiverse", not sure if I wrote a review for that one, probably forgot because these movies come out so often that there is no point to them really.

Anyway I watched this one in passive 3d.  I think this is my first passive 3d experience.  the thing I noticed instantly with p3d is that the video is always blurry if you dont use the glasses.  Though the 3d effect is more seamless and not as cheap looking as active 3d.

As far as the movie is concerned - this being my first "guardians" movie.  I noticed the formula instantly;
1. intense action
2. random hit song
3. joke section
4. monologue
5. rinse and repeat 1

I tried to convince everyone to see the mario movie instead but this movie won out.  They enjoyed it because the "funny" sections were funny, not sure what they thought about the ugly aliens. For me I quickly grew annoyed because I could smell these sections coming from a mile away. Its see-saw story telling.

The director/writer would setup situations where characters would just argue over the dumbest things for the sake of momentary comedy.  I tried to sleep through it but failed.  Every shot is a setup for another shot or event - its not a matter of IF the event will happen but more like WHEN.  Because you know its going to happen for certain.  The graphics is good, the sets are impressive but this is a souless, pointless movie.  6 out of 10.  IF you love superhero movies you will love it.

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