A Quiet Place I+II Review

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written by owen on 2023-May-10.

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I dont get to watch horrow movies as much as I used to but this had a certain level of potential to it. So when I saw Prt 2 pop up on Netflix I had to dive in. Part I was good up until the stupidity at the end but I relished the sound design. The common hollywood tropes exist in this watchable but stereotypical survival horror flick. I was really rooting for the characters but the director/writer always feels the need to foreshadow everything. It is very annoying in a "final destination" kinda way. If they show you a cup that cup is going to cause the world to explode in a later scene.

My beef with these survival horror movies is that the characters could be living happily for years, being efficient survivers and as soon as the movies starts they start being clumsy and make stupid mistakes. All thier years of experiences that led them to this point gets tossed out the window. Get ready to sigh in disbelief.

The atmosphere is good, the setting, the graphics. My rating 7/10 would recommend to horrow fans.

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