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written by owen on 2016-Jun-15.

I did promise that I was going to be less cynical, going forward, but it is hard. Really, really hard. The whole world is full of fire, half asses and people who like to waste your time. I was listening to this program on radio this morning while I was trying not to get killed by someone texting while driving. The program was about a tech-company in Africa who is tackling the water shortage and sanitation problem by providing a app that people can use to make complaints to thier water commission. This cutting edge technology is going to save the world.

I still get a strange feeling whenever I lose something. Annoyance and sadness are emotions that are the base of my existence. I should be better at this by now, like a monkey. Even though I should not be envious of evil people, I am still weary of the life which we live, the give and the take, the pointlessness. I prefer comfort over any other state of being. All the world is a stage. I desire nothing but comfort.

I should learn to disregard the things that do not matter. 80/20. Cast aside the things that are material, not necessary, a warm blanket over beautiful skin, desires. I should not want to fall in love with anything. No time for regret. All is here for a time.

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