Madonna says hello

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written by owen on 2015-Aug-15.

Some people where commenting on how awful the new madonna music video is compared to her previous work. Though I might not like her direction in various expeditions I realise that she can't stop, she is the enegizer bunny. Of course she has ups and downs in her catalog but she just keeps dropping random shit which expands and eats up everything around it like a black hole.

It really doesn't matter what you do you just got to keep putting it out there and keep making it your own. And that is what I appreciate most about what she does. With a body of work so wide that you cannot really tell what type of drugs she was doing at the time, it is hard to really pin down the point of all but all that matters is that she got it done.

Anyway here is a list of a list of my favourite madonna music videos (you know I love dancing videos);


Nothing Really Matters

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