This is what fried chicken should look like

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written by owen on 2013-Jul-16.

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I bought this the day after I got back to work. I was in New Kingston and asked a security gaurd where I could get some food on the cheap. Security guards always know whats on the up and up. He directed me down the street and around the corner. These people in the back of a rape-van were selling food and fried chicken for $370 JMD dollars, so I said why not? Everyday is a good day to die. And the 3 people in front of me in the line did not seem too purturbed. I am Tayvon Martin.

To my surprise it was delicious! I know they might have sensed that I was new to the area and may have padded it a bit to gain my favour but I could careless.

Chicken, Mac and Cheesse, Seamed veg and Rice and peas.

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  1. LOL....owen, can't believe you never had Gary's before. yuh neva get no special treatment, that's food there every day! Cheap and delicious...not sure about nutritious though. At work we call him Le'Vaghn Bach (the van back with a french accent) so we feel like we're going to a real restaurant.

    by Breakspeare 2013-Jul-17 

  2. haha, well consider me informed!

    by owen 2013-Jul-17