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written by owen on 2012-May-10.

I have been slacking off laterly. Its not my fault. I went to Barbados and I survived, watched cricket the way it should be watched and had the best cheese cake, I ever ate, in my life. I also had a birthday recently. It appears that when you have been young for so long getting old is kinda annoying. Operator please.

It is impossible to live without personal bias. Even the most dignified individual will lean to one side or the other or flip flop between opinions like a fish out of water. The more you look at something the greater the chance your brain will average out the situation as being not as bad as getting hit by a truck or a elephant. I imagine elephants hit really hard when they get up to speed.

No matter how deep in the forest you hide there are always people watching you and figuring how they can build a shopping mall in your favourite nook. I just can't get no satisfaction. My favourite parking spot got delegated to being the new car wash location - hell is other people. I walked into the bathroom and the resident micro-manager felt that my using the wrong bathroom was some how cutting in to his toilet paper budget - seriously? dude - seriously? Your Audi not making you happy enough?

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  1. I would think toilet paper would be in the budget with all the other restroom supplies, like, say, soap. They do have soap in there right? Maybe you should start bringing your own roll of toilet paper, and holding it conspicuously, and don't share. Nobody can borrow your toilet paper.

    by Gods Child 2012-May-10 

  2. i think they just dont want anybody in their "space". selfish.

    by owen 2012-May-11 

  3. Do they count each square of tissue designated to each employee like my workplace?

    by KingstonStateofMind 2012-May-29 

  4. I don't really work for them so I don't know how they roll. I just like the bathroom, its well lit.

    by owen 2012-Jun-01