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written by owen on 2012-Mar-20.

I woke up and I felt like I had not posted since the start of the year, working on side projects and general intellectual masturbation. Where does the time go? Maybe I have delegated myself into a ring of distraction. I will probably finish something completely at some point or not.

I don't think that cranberry water is a "upgrade" over a soda especially since cranberry water is not significant source of anything and I have to pay a extra 10 dollars to get it. With soda at least you get bubbles that sing only to you.

Yesterday I let a shirtless little boy cross the road on East Street. He could not be more than 9 or 10. He was at a precarious spot around a corner, watching the cars, trying to cross the road, pushing a big-ass bicycle. It was one of those 10 speed bicycles with the curved handle bar, no decals, a solid bronze colour, it was obviously old, probably a hand me down. He said thanks as he reached the other side and I waved back at him as I drove off. I probably saved his life or maybe he saved mine. We'll never know. I was watching my rear view carefully and there weren't any cars behind me. I could have driven past but I felt that I had to see him across the road and at that moment I was responsible for him and that was something I could not leave to chance.

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  1. Time to get a child.

    by Tami 2012-Mar-21 

  2. I don't know about that

    by owen 2012-Mar-29 

  3. I think you should have said, "I will probably finish something completely at some point... or NOT!", instead of "I will probably finish something completely at some point or not.". Its catchier. :)) U know of a soda that has bubbles that sing?! *Stewie voice* Which one is it? I must know! *end Stewie voice* Guess what? That shirtless boy is the next Dudus! And yeah! You were responsible!

    by Mad Bull 2012-Mar-24 

  4. Yeah, its probably catchier but I was busy listening to the bubbles in my soda!

    by owen 2012-Mar-29 

  5. Agreed! I love to allow young people to cross the road safely before I drive off. Soon I will be miles away, and they will still be in the general vicinity. It takes nothing off me. They are our future after all. Looking at the careless way we now treat our young people, it's amazing their parents let them leave the house.

    by Gods Child 2012-Mar-27 

  6. They have to leave the house at some point or they will start scratching up the furniture.

    by owen 2012-Mar-29 

  7. Bless you! That's pretty good think that's how we all ought to live .. care more about the well being of others. Don't have to know someone to show kindness... really is a small world too!

    by Ayo 2012-Aug-28 

  8. Well there is only so much you can do

    by owen 2012-Aug-29