Grand Carrera Offical Chronometer.

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written by owen on 2012-May-07.

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First time I saw this watch in the Air Port in Barbados, I instantly loved it. I actually tried it on, its self winds while you wear it and its all mechanical! Too bad it costs a fortune at $6800 USD. :( Looks nice though. When I reach the point in life where I can buy watches I will definately be getting this. I told the store lady to save one in stock for me, lol. Grand Carrera Calibre 17 RS2 Automatic Chronograph: a must for connoisseurs of chronographs and motor racing. Inspired by GT race car engine design, the TAG Heuer Rotating System replaces traditional hands with dashboard style discs: the readability is optimum while maintaining effortless elegance.

On the Grand CARRERA Calibre 17 RS2 the rotating system shows a permanent seconds hand at 3 o'clock and chrono minutes at 9 o'clock. The date display is at 6 o'clock. This model is in grade 2 titanium coated with titanium carbide. There is a sapphire crystal fitted into the caseback which reveals the movement.

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  1. hmmm... looks very high tech. Yeah, it's okay but is it worth 6800? You know you could buy a whole 2 bedroom house in florida for that?

    by Gods Child 2012-May-10 

  2. yeah, its expensive because of all the tiny little parts that are need to make it. Its definitely a luxury item. Florida?

    by owen 2012-May-11 

  3. not in the nice parts. . . i'm just saying

    by Gods Child 2012-May-14 

  4. oh well I will have to take your word for it.

    by owen 2012-May-14