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written by owen on 2011-Nov-28.

Sometimes I wait until it gets really overcast and then I leave the office (on foot) for lunch. If I am lucky it would rain so hard that a river would form in the street in front of the building. A good rain would produce enough water that only a twelve year old would be brave enough to cross it and not reach St Thomas Pond. If that doesn't work there is always the chance of a freak storm to soothe the soul.

A local fast food establishment has started making smaller cups for their "all you can drink" locations. It is not immediately noticeable like the time they tried to make bigger ice cubes and the machine would just jam up all the time. This time the cups are tall but slightly thinner. I presume they have been slowly slimming them down over a period of years. They are either incredibly smart or incredibly stupid. But I am glad they are playing an active role in encouraging people to exercise. Too bad the soda is watered down as well.

Continuing on my path of self discovery, I find that there has been a rampant increase in slavery. Slavery is everywhere. Slavery is like a women with big batty is a trouble to a man. There are no two ways about it. Problems are everywhere and it seems everybody has an alternate agenda to everything they are selling. Everything is a popularity contest between someone or someone like you.

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  1. every time I turn around someone is trying to sell me something. I especially noticed this when I tried to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade. Only the marching bands weren't for sale.

    by Gods Child 2011-Dec-01 

  2. lol, I bet you can buy the marching bands if you know the right people

    by owen 2011-Dec-01 

  3. Hmmm.... there is a great deal of wisdom in here...

    by Mad Bull 2011-Dec-05