Japanese 1999 Honda Accord

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written by Mad Bull on 2012-Mar-24.

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Its the best my ride has looked for a century or two! And its courtesy of my bredrin "Gotti"! See, he is one of those people who ABSOLUTELY CANNOT drive a dirty ride! Me on the other hand... If I'm clean, I'm good. I think I'm going to start lending the car to "Gotti" for a couple of days every month! She'll thank me for it! I wonder if he paid for a massage for her too? LOL!

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  1. Nice rims. Nice but not too flashy. there is chemical that takes the yellowness out of the headlights but I can never find it on the cheap - nothing but punks wanting to make a quick buck.

    by owen 2012-Mar-24 

  2. Thanks for the heads up.

    by Mad Bull 2012-Apr-01 

  3. I've found that this one works


    by Tami 2012-Apr-03 

  4. you could try this;

    by owen 2012-Apr-03