Cream and Bastards

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written by owen on 2009-Aug-24.

After I lost my keys at the beach a couple weeks ago, like a small child that took off her GPS locator and went falling in the forest with no one to hear it. I was lost without permission or "keys" (as normal people would say). No matter how many times I would retrace my steps I could not find them. It eventually felt as if I was just kicking more sand into the child's shallow grave. Where is a metal detector when you need one? It could have been worst.

Its almost the end of summer and I've achieve absolutely nothing I had set out to do. Fools and charlatans may get wise but only cream and bastards rise. Its like I am trapped in some pointless loop until my nephew gets back with some new video games so that I can escape the boredom of my own mind. Problem is I know that I can never be satisfied.

Every so often I get placed in a uncomfortable situation involving or doing something I hate. Now normal people would not mind going the extra distance but I am like a lion in a cage. These things that I hate or hate doing are very distinct, and never changing. I behave like a cornered snake whose instinct is run away but will bite if there is no other options. I spend my entire life avoiding these situations, its a methodical task, like life versus death, nothing else matters but escape. Imagine a person's entire life resources geared towards avoiding the things that annoy them the most. Bueaty is a cruel mistress.

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