Secondhand Love

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written by owen on 2010-Mar-19.

You threw me away now I'm out of style. One theory is that the earth is actually round and made up of plates than are floating on a molten core BUT I still believe the earth is flat and they just telling lies so that we have to spend all or money on expensive plane tickets and get radar scanned on a regular basis. Slaves to the commercial airlines, government propaganda and dish networks. Soon they'll start telling us that the moon is not made of cheese.

At one point I wondered what I was supposed to do with the sauce thing and I started dipping cucumbers into it but it was totally tasteless like it was some kinda salad dressing but by them it was too late, I had already started rubbing the vegetables into the barbecue gravy that was running off the chicken. I was running out of it fast though, sadly.

You haven't lived until your back wheels reach terminal traction and you start experiencing extreme over-steer in all directions. What was a ordinary turn of events becomes measure of extremes on a front wheel drive-train. The backside takes on a mind of its own and is all too happy to keep going in one direction. By the time you start facing in the correct direction 3 blood vessels would have exploded in you brain. You have entered a place called the twilight zone.

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  1. Interesting post.....Totally out of left field but interesting nonetheless.....Knocked the sleep right out of my eyes.

    by Eqlektik 2010-Mar-21 

  2. you are clearly new to these parts. welcome

    by owen 2010-Mar-30 

  3. I have achied the state of terminal traction several times. Quite exciting! Next time you are spinning out of control, try dipping the cucumbers in lite italian dressing.

    by Mad Bull 2010-Mar-30 

  4. I was quite scared actually [hysterical]

    by owen 2010-Mar-30