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written by owen on 2009-Jul-22.

I got thirsty. So I when to the supermarket. Not content with the usual juice I thought to seek out something new, a forbidden fruit. Slow down, here tonight, might be gone tomorrow. Seem like tropical rythms is in the habit of mixing all of its fruit flavors. It was nothing but mango carrot passion, guava cherry, fruit punch, pineapple guava carrot and a pink one. It is like one of the fruits sued the company for racism.

Don't annoy me please - I have enough problems. I am sitting here at my cubicle trying to do work I was assigned 8 months ago, I have it all planned out in my head as I go along, I am the constant gardener. It maybe Friday afternoon for you but I live in the future. Its been Friday since last week, everyday is exactly the same, I repeat the same routine. I am not bored enough yet. Just because I say nothing does not mean that I want to say something. I was born in another age.

Note to self; I need to buy a new case of Juice. I don't know why I keep buying the Sunday Gleaner, maybe its the fact that the old man travels all the way from, god knows how far, on his old bicyle to bring it to me personally for the last couple of years. I could be spending that extra hundred dollars on drugs and alcohol. Instead I scan the headlines and read the health section for the latest advice from the doctor on the effects of lesbian encounters while on vacation. Getting my hands black with ink like a mechanic or a monkey.

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  1. Try Fruta or the variation in flavours of Minute Maid.
    Read the Gleaner online, it's faster and leaves less ink on your hands when you're done.

    by Tami 2009-Jul-23 

  2. I'm try to buy Jamaican, if that is even possible

    by owen 2009-Jul-24 

  3. Not much of a juice fanatic still, so I can't make any recommendations. I make my own juices.

    by Leon 2009-Jul-24 

  4. you make your own juices? eh and you actually drink your own juices?

    by owen 2009-Jul-29 

  5. I hate Fruta. I stick to good old TruJuice and Tropical Rhythms Fruit Punch. The old newspaper comes in hand when there is a hurricane, or flooding so I'll continue to get my weekly Sunday Gleaner.

    by CoolDestiny 2009-Jul-25 

  6. True, True, but you must have quiet a collection of old papers by now. I have some gleaners under my bed from 2002.

    by owen 2009-Jul-29 

  7. fruta tastes like rich koolaid, you can make that yourself

    i move again, i travel nuff i kno........

    by Irie Diva 2009-Aug-02 

  8. is it me or are you kinda comparing a mechanic to a monkey.

    by clayonjj 2009-Oct-12 

  9. its you, definately

    by owen 2009-Oct-14