1. other people?

    by j 2008-Oct-21 

  2. Uhm laughing necessary

    by bobby 2008-Oct-22 

  3. can we just point and make sarcastic comments? no need to laugh.

    by Hayo 2008-Oct-23 

  4. You? LOL [nive]

    by Tami 2008-Oct-23 

  5. celebrities

    by Gods Child 2008-Oct-24 

  6. oohhh deja-vu moment

    by owen 2008-Oct-24 

  7. I agree with tami.We can laugh at owen I always do.

    by crazychick 2008-Oct-25 

  8. We can laff @ Owen por speling, puntuation, and endless typoes :))

    by twovthree 2008-Oct-31 

  9. *dies*
    I'm always laughing at myself. Have I got it all wrong?

    by Oshun 2008-Nov-02 

  10. you have a 1:1 ratio of pointlessness and redundancy

    by owen 2008-Nov-03