1. Murder. Depression. Indifference. But i'll be fine, until a gunman robs and kills

    by Gordon Swaby 2008-Aug-26 

  2. well aren't you a ray of sunshine

    by owen 2008-Aug-26 

  3. lol swaby puts it well

    by pepper 2008-Aug-26 

  4. Go back to boring, monotonous life... (not that my fabulous life is ever boring or monotonous), and hope and pray that I get to go see the next one live (London, here I come!) or that the Jamaican footballers perform so well taht we get swept up in something similar real soon...

    by Ruthibelle 2008-Aug-26 

  5. I hear that the weather in london sucks. is true?

    by owen 2008-Aug-26 

  6. Attack JPS for over- charging us on our recent electric bills.

    by Tami 2008-Aug-26 

  7. mine went from a average of $6000 to $8000 [upset]

    by owen 2008-Aug-26 

  8. @Owen, no i'm not a ray of sunshine; i'm the whole god damn someone...someone has issues:p

    by Gordon Swaby 2008-Aug-27 

  9. wow the temperatures here are hot .... guess all that built being who we normally are ... is just bursting out ... [hysterical]

    by bobby 2008-Aug-27 

  10. reach work early again.. :-(

    by Jamsprint 2008-Aug-28 

  11. Try and push the country forward by being productive and industrious!!

    by ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID 2008-Aug-30 

  12. I hope that works. but frankly.. Jamaicans.. well the majority i think not.. let me tell u whats gonna happen
    more dj's will make songs about the olympic in an aim to ride the high into some exposure of some sort. more dancers will make dancemoves dedicated to [he who's name i can no longer say because i'm a bit sick and tired of hearing it] to also gain some exposure and then it will all phase out within a few months. as it always does. "he who's name must not be spoken" did a great thing, broke history made history.. that he did. however I'm a bit tired of hearing and seeing it now.
    * yeah i might seem like an asshole but i'm not [sorry]. believe me i was elated when i saw it. *

    by taylor 2008-Sep-02 

  13. lol Esteban is a hopeful fella

    by Pepper 2008-Aug-31