So males do you after females that ignore you?

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written by crazychick on 2008-Sep-29.

Individuals have a tendency to say that males dont really like females who push themselves unto them. They most times think that they are easy and take them for a one night stand. The pay more attention to the females who ignore them. And that they put more effort into getting her. So males do you or do you not go after females that ignore you?

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  1. Nah just try to be with someone who has sense and who can go to matinee with.... the rest works it self out

    by bobby 2008-Sep-29 

  2. Interesting question, never though of it much.

    It is strange but people do give more attention to people who ignore them. Maybe its ego, wanting acceptance etc.

    I wouldn't say i go after girls who ignore me

    by Dutty Bwoy 2008-Sep-30 

  3. I don't waste too much time trying to get girls who ignore me. I just run with the ones who don't. Life is short, I don't have time to waste. Or maybe I'm lazy, or afraid of rejection, whatever.

    by Mad Bull 2008-Sep-30 

  4. I don't have time to waste! Any female that chooses to ignore me is a waste of my precious time and not worth the hassle.

    by Stunner 2008-Sep-30 

  5. Some women do the same thing. Nothing piques interest like disinterest.

    by Oshun 2008-Oct-09