And the Sign Says.. ( page 6 )

you got to have a membership card to go inside. post a photo of a sign

No Gum

written by owen, published 2013-Jun-21, comment

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At the ward theatre Kingston


Consider yourself warned!

written by Ayo, published 2013-Jun-12, comment

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owen commented: isn't it a sign of good luck or something? :p ... read 2 more

Beware of pedophiles!

written by Toya, published 2013-Jun-12, comment

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Atl, GA

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owen commented: why submit a sideways picture? [annoyed] ... read more

Escalator Down!

written by owen, published 2013-Jun-11, comment

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Please use handrail.

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Toya commented: haha I'll bet people complained really badly about that! ... read 1 more

Please use Bucket

written by owen, published 2013-Jun-03, comment

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to flush toilet. Saw this sign in bathroom downtown

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Ayo commented: Gasp ...... I think I'd promptly run out of that rest room! ... read more