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How does pollution affect the management of a port?

I am currently studying international shipping and logistics and every articles seeks to give information about the souces of pollution at a port etc but not how it affects the port opperations.

written by George Malcolm on 2013-Mar-09, Answer this question1

owen answered: Based on my observations the operations at a port will continue and long as there is water in the sea polluted or not. However [url][caption]accidents and dangerous chemicals[/url] can cause harm to the employees of the port rendering it difficult if not impossible to work or continue operations. Hope that helps. ... read more

What should I make for lunch?

written by owen on 2013-Feb-27, Answer this question3

Tami answered: Make? A fruit smoothy ... read 2 more

What passions are you pursuing in 2013?

written by owen on 2013-Jan-14, Answer this question1

arimartinart answered: The passions of the Christ. Also the passions of the piss flaps that burn red hot for a certain Gloucester policeman ... read more

What are you favourite songs/videos of 2012?

watch mine and post yours in the comments! *links to youtube videos automatically convert*

written by owen on 2012-Dec-14, Answer this question12

owen answered: M.I.A. - Bad Girls What can I say its MIA. Still rocking it in the desert. I just saw this video a couple minutes ago but its from March 2012. Pure Gold. There is also a [url][caption]making of video[/url]. I top favourite videos just happen to have stunt cars in them, not sure why but its a total coincidence. ... read 11 more

Style or Substance? Pick one

written by owen on 2012-Nov-28, Answer this question6

Ayo answered: I just have ONE question ..... are those real females? ... read 5 more