1. Popcaan - Party Shot
    This song and video is like 100% Dancehall, sillyness and craziness, sterotypes and Clarkes and STDS. Cars, white girls, black girls in bikinis, bad acting. Over the top. Stupid lyrics. Love it. Its a good look fry yeye.
    Even though the song/video has been out since Feb2012 there isn't much that can compete with its awesomeness.

    by owen 2012-Dec-14 

  2. M.I.A. - Bad Girls
    What can I say its MIA. Still rocking it in the desert. I just saw this video a couple minutes ago but its from March 2012. Pure Gold. There is also a making of video. I top favourite videos just happen to have stunt cars in them, not sure why but its a total coincidence.

    by owen 2012-Dec-14 

  3. Favourite Video: Pink - Try
    Because its artsy fartsy and i love the song lyrics.

    Favourite Song: Kanye West - Mercy
    Just cuz its Kanye.

    by Tami 2012-Dec-15 

  4. WOW @ that Pink song! Love it!
    *shame face* had no idea that was Kanye!* I feel like I missed out on alot of music last year!
    Nice pics though

    by Ayo 2013-Jan-06 

  5. 2 Chainz would be my new artist for the year tho. Nigga be goin mad hord!

    Just gotta rap to this everytime it comes on.

    by Tami 2012-Dec-15 

  6. DIFFERENTOLOGY (we ready) by Bunji Garlin
    Written By - Ian Alvarez, Backing Vocals & Spanish Guitar - Nigel Rojas, Produced by Sheriff Music/J-Rod Records, Black Ice Studios.

    by owen 2012-Dec-24 

  7. Loved this one too!
    There were some pretty awesome soca songs last year! Gonna miss Jouvert terribly this year *BAWL*

    by Ayo 2013-Jan-06 


    by owen 2012-Dec-26 

  9. aeeen go tey

    by owen 2013-Jan-07 

  10. Face down ass up by 2live crew

    by arimartinart 2013-Feb-27 

  11. Try my link

    by arimartinart 2013-Feb-28 

  12. that video was not released in 2012!

    by owen 2013-Mar-09 

  13. pornos

    by ThatCreepyWhiteGuy 2013-Aug-11 

  14. nothing, songs are whith angry.

    by huggo777 2013-Sep-21 

  15. none

    by BasementCat 2013-Oct-06 

  16. "Sexy and I Know It" - LMFAO

    by juds54 2013-Nov-29