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On a good day Naps With Wolves is in a life of complicated love, female child, Decryption Analyst,, 48 years young, hangs around a place called "united states".

Poppin' progressive pollen pills. Um, Alliteration?


Film, eco-minutiae, fun, Elemental Photography.

Interview Questions

Why are you still using facebook?

Friend in Crisis won't answer phone, only FB Posts. Go figure.

Who are you hoping will win world cup 2010?

The best team.

Has spying ever seemed a more glamorous profession?

No. Was a surveillance expert.

What is your favourite Britney Spears song?


What would you say if you saw somebody driving around town with the girl you love?

Nothing. Her loss.

What do you put on your rice?

Gravy or hot sauce.

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  1. Decryption Analyst? What? What are doing round these parts?

    by owen 2011-May-03 

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