1. bobby you are married?

    by Gods Child 2007-Aug-24 

  2. See!, and it continues to work women always interested in a man with a ring on his left ring finger ..... [congrats]

    by bobby 2007-Aug-24 

  3. Nice watch dude..
    Maybe he knew the rain was coming or maybe he likes to wear jackets/hoodies like Munga

    by jamsprint 2007-Aug-25 

  4. yeah thx on the watch hoping for a movada next.

    by bobby 2007-Aug-25 

  5. Yow, Bobby, what kinda car is dat? Is that really 240 me see pon de meter under your hand? 240 what? Kilometres per hour? Miles per hour? Or is that some kind of pressure gauge?

    by Mad Bull 2007-Aug-25 

  6. Honda civic vti with the new type of transmission "cvt". yeah just a mere 240 kph, nutten scary [friendly]

    by bobby 2007-Aug-25 

  7. So can it really do 150 mph, or is it just a vain boast? And what are you doing in the "new red light district"?
    Never mind, don't answer that! [confident]

    by mad bull 2007-Aug-26 

  8. only took it to 180 kph and it did it easily so i guess maybe one day i'll find out....

    Just doing what you or any one of our goodly bloggers would be doing..

    by bobby 2007-Aug-26 

  9. Where were you when you took that pic. Married I see. Car doesn't look too bad from the inside.

    by Leon 2007-Aug-25 

  10. Back road ( port henderson rd Portmore) the new red light district....

    by bobby 2007-Aug-25 

  11. Married or he can have inverted hands.

    by Tami 2007-Aug-26 

  12. ......i like how you think [innocent]

    by bobby 2007-Aug-26 

  13. really now? how is it possible for someone to have inverted hands.

    by owen 2007-Aug-26 

  14. Owen he could have flipped the pic
    although I don't see how that would work, but wait, don't you sit on the right of the car?
    ugh. I'm making myself dizzy trying to work it out.

    by Gods Child 2007-Aug-27 

  15. 240kmh! Mi need one a dem deh!

    by Stunner 2007-Aug-26 

  16. Just gimme a shout got the link... [misc]

    by bobby 2007-Aug-26 

  17. I'm going to buy a toyota, the new hot civics too expensive for my pocket

    by owen 2007-Aug-26