1. [indifferent] expensive little buggers nice color but still not "manly" enough to drive around everyday. I'd go with the Mini Cooper instead i.e. if I had a choice.

    by owen 2006-Dec-26 

  2. You need to get in touch with your feminine side, rude bwoy!

    by Mad Bull 2008-Jan-02 

  3. what? [misc] no

    by owen 2008-Jan-03 

  4. i agree.. not manly at all. kinda like the swift. it just dont feel right..

    lol @evil morning traffic i have to deal with it daily from portmore. i think someone posted a pic of the morning traffic on our so called toll road here

    by taylor 2006-Dec-27 

  5. You gwaan, 'bout not manly! Its a nice car. Look how many men used to drive the old VW bugs! If you want, you can modify it like how some of them modified the old bug dem. Anyway, I'd drive it. Me done talk! [confident]

    by Mad Bull 2008-Jan-02 

  6. A variation of "I'd hit it!", I'm sure. Nice bug.

    by Leon 2006-Dec-27 

  7. "I'd hit it if I were drunk and lie about it later" [innocent]

    by owen 2006-Dec-27