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written by owen on 2020-Dec-19.

Last week I discovered that you cannot tie a banana tree to the fence to prevent it from toppling over from strong winds.  It appears that you just have to let it fall or koch it with a stick (I had no sticks).  Tying it restricts the circulation in its trunk preventing it from growing thicker, taller and also preventing the fruit from becoming bigger.  Also it seems that they all share the same root structure which causes other problems. 

People have a compelling need to defend their favourite product as if any negative comment about it is a personal attack on them and their supply of cocaine.  Often only admitting that the thing they like is not-perfect when a new one comes out or when the tide has shifted.  At which point the cycle repeats. Its crazy on the internet, politics and religion etc. Either we want a group hug over this thing or we gather people to help throw stones on this other thing. Tribalism is the new order.

I need to focus on publishing the photos I have in my folder because I have been letting them bake for too long and I am taking new pictures at a rate which has never before been seen.  I cant even pick the ones I need to print because I am still sorting through a previous set.  I will have to be more selective on what pictures I keep so my sd card doesn't fill up in one month.

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