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written by owen on 2020-Aug-27.

I have been mulling over the new camera thing for like 6 months now. I even wrote 2 new articles in the technology section showing my lust for new kit. The technology section has not been updated in months which shows you how often I buy new tech. Some people buy random gadgets every week but I do not like the clutter of acquiring things I do not use frequently except for maybe old videogames.

I ordered some parts for my car online and my bank told me that I cannot use my card on any uncommon website unless I send them a list of websites I would like to purchase stuff from. This is the connected internet future. I have used the website before but between then and now something has changed and this is the problem with internet technology: the things that change are random, chaotic and constnat. The internet of things is worse than a secret society.

All things being equal you have to do something, keep moving forward, keep changing, keep being the same. Until you cant or you go on a short vacation. Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings' end. stuff like that. When I fill up my memory card I will start posting new pictures. I also need to reconfigure my website hosting too because I am going to need more gigs. Lots to do.

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  1. I suggest you change banks. Visa/MC has policies in place to get your money back if anything shady happens.

    by Anonymous123 2021-Dec-29