Why does it always rain on me

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written by Owen on 2004-May-19.

Since Last week I have gotten a total of 5 e-mails and some 400 plus other bulk spam pimiping "enhancer" products or a way to make free money. Obviously they know that I need to make money. Where is everybody? Have I been simultaneously deleted from everybody's address book? Has email suddenly become UNCOOL?
So I have sent out a this message to everybody on my mailing list. All twenty plus, women and children alike whom likely have fallen mysteriously off-line or have de-evolved into the stone age of pen on paper. Some people out there have managed to get themselves some real responsibility but I am not talking that. No - I'm talking about email - EMAIL. YOU KNOW LIKE A LETTER BUT WITHOUT STAMPS, ON THE COMPUTER? chain letters, shots of porn stars? stupid quizzes? useless factiods? Disturbing pictures found at the furthest depths of the internet? people? what appen? what a gwaan? como esta?
An you have to other set of people on msn and yahoo who simply never-ever-ever-eva log on. So I use msn now.
Clearly you people are busy or not?

ps: you might think that I sending this only to you but I'm not, really I'm not.

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  1. sorry, Owen, busy revamping the site. Honestly busy.

    by Taran 2004-May-19 

  2. haha, getting desperate if you want people to send you chain mail. gah i hate chain mail.

    by shade 2004-May-20 

  3. ; -)

    by markswan 2004-May-21 

  4. bueaty is "beauty"

    by me 2004-May-22 

  5. Yo Owen, feel free to add my to your list and send me a message. My msn id is faithmaith at hotmail dot com.

    by Faith 2004-May-25 

  6. hey owen, sorry i have been buys with work and i am hopin that we can always talk i put up my new email addy so email me there. -k-

    by Tiffany 2004-Jun-07 

  7. don't be mad at me if I don't remember you, I've been losing brain cells rapidly since yesterday.

    by owen 2004-Jun-07