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written by owen on 2004-Feb-29.

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So I actually went outside this weekend. Since I nolonger had access to a electronic heating device (microwave) I had to go get one. My previous one had to go die on me unexpectedly.
Mega mart hires some really hot chicks - I should visit there more often.
I tried to hit this site with a cellphone last friday. Apparently cellphones suck when it relates to anything more than 9 kb. I'll have to build a separate little page for those stupid little devices.
Played Soul Calibur II for most saturday night. As I thought Tekken is more balanced fighting game, having the block button on the right side of the controller sucks. But overall it is a very good game only a bit on the wild/frantic side - hack and slash. Look ma! I can fight with one hand! and look good doing it! I should write a review on it.

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  1. have you tried to code for mobile phones? i did a small online tutorial of wml and it was pretty fun/easy. i'm not sure that anyone would everwant to hit my site from a phone or pda though...

    by shade 2004-Feb-29 

  2. I just don't want to be telling people to go to wap dot owensoft dot net. I'm planning to just check http_user_agent and then output a smaller page if it's a stupid cellphone.

    by owen 2004-Mar-01 

  3. ah yes, very good thinking. if i ever decide to be bothered to do the same i'll come to you for help...

    by shade 2004-Mar-02