Fry Chicken, rice and Peas?

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written by owen on 2011-Mar-15.

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I bought fry chicken at Utech and is the worst fried chicken I have had the torture of eating. NOT A SINGLE GRAIN PEAS INNA DI RICE! I have no idea how the rice even brown, must be food colouring. I should have expected shadyness when the lunch lady asked me if I wanted chicken leg or RIB. WTF IS RIB?

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  1. 1. The rice is brown because they use the peas water to cook it, save the peas to make more tomorrow.

    2. Always go for breast! more meat

    by Tami 2011-Mar-31 

  2. that should be illegal!

    by owen 2011-Apr-01 

  3. looks delish tho....

    by andrea 2011-Aug-05 

  4. hahaha looks like juici food

    by yea yea 2012-Apr-24 

  5. Wow that taste so bad but it look so good well if u want good fry chicken and rice and peas go penny's at discovery bay in jamaica best ever if you dont talk about tastee

    by abby 2015-Jan-24