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Lets take a moment to remember Air Jamaica

written by owen, Wed, 17th Jul 2013 at 9:02 pm

This photo was taken in 2004. I think I had buttered bulla cake, rice and peas and chicken with bread and butter that came in the little brown packet. When for 7up instead of orange juice.

Compare that to what we get now on CaribAir

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This is what fried chicken should look like

written by owen, Tue, 16th Jul 2013 at 2:27 pm

I bought this the day after I got back to work. I was in New Kingston and asked a security gaurd where I could get some food on the cheap. Security guards always know whats on the up and up. He directed me down the street and around the corner. These people in the back of a rape-van were selling food and fried chicken for $370 JMD dollars, so I said why not? Everyday is a good day to die. And the 3 people in front of me in the line did not seem too purturbed. I am Tayvon Martin.

To my surprise it was delicious! I know they might have sensed that I was new to the area and may have padded it a bit to gain my favour but I could careless.

Chicken, Mac and Cheesse, Seamed veg and Rice and peas.

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Breakspeare commented: LOL....owen, can't believe you never had Gary's before. yuh neva get no special treatment, that's food there every day! Cheap and delicious...not sure about nutritious though. At work we call him Le'Vaghn Bach (the van back with a french accent) so we feel like we're going to a real restaurant. ... read 1 more

Fried Chicken at Sabina Park

written by owen, Tue, 16th Jul 2013 at 2:14 pm

You should have seen the dog food that the lady tried to pass off to me in a closed carton. After looking at it and pass it back to her this game me this which is not much better than what I originally got.

All for $500 JMD dollars. What have I learnt? Bring your own food if you are going to watch cricket all day. This is rediculous. Why would someone chop up fried chicken? Not a very good first impression. The rice was very trashy too.

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Just let me starve!

written by owen, Fri, 12th Jul 2013 at 1:21 pm

This is what you get on a 3 hour flight between Jamaica and Barbados. Its a shame they even call it a chicken sandwich. I should have gone with the vegetarian meal at least I would have a objective opinion of it instead of this crap and chips from Costa Rica. The chips were good though, I must admit. Its a good thing I saved the fries had bought earlier at the airport or I would have died of boredom. There is nothing like warm fries in your pocket warming your thigh.

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When did jerk turkey neck become a thing?

written by owen, Fri, 05th Jul 2013 at 2:30 pm

So I was there in Mandeville chilling when I noticed this dude selling what at the time appeared to be sausages. It turned out that he was selling jerk turkey necks! :o And THAT WAS ALL HE WAS SELLING! 3 for $100. He was doing good business too from people of all age groups and demographics. Apparently this is a widespread fast food including chicken back and chicken feet. I have never been a neck fan which is probably why this has eluded me for so long.

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