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Lexus GS300 2

written by MiTcHiE, 2006-Jan-9

Sideways view

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Mad Bull commented: Nice Cyar, rasta. When next I am in Jam, gimi a borrows nuh? ... read 1 more

Lexus GS300

written by MiTcHiE, 2006-Jan-9

Completely Stock except for 20" Chrome Rims

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Christian Lamilami commented: You are a fabulous author. How did you learn how to write this good? ... read 2 more

1989 bmw 325ix after t-bone steaks

written by michael_halvorsen, 2005-Nov-29

life comes at you fast [50mph]. for times like these, there will be an asshole driver at your [drivers] side.

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owen commented: did they have air bags back in 1989? ... read 4 more

1989 bmw 325iX

written by michael_halvorsen, 2005-Jul-14

results from an after party event that took place at the bumper of my car.

enough said.

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michael_halvorsen commented: its sad, i'm going to miss parties out of the trunk of this car. ... read 4 more

1986 BMW M3

written by michael_halvorsen, 2005-Jun-4

#0001 produced for the us market. formerly owned and operated by korman racing.

bad ass car. friend of mine.

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owen commented: one more bmw to the mix but I can only afford to get a honda civic. ... read 1 more

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