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What do you put on your rice?

tell me

written by owen, 2010-Oct-28, Answer this question3

Kim answered: on white japanese rice, my family put's mayo and soy sauce. ... read 2 more

What would you say if you saw somebody driving around town with the girl you love?

written by owen, 2010-Aug-21, Answer this question2

Toya answered: Hey, who is that man that i've seen u out with a couple times mom? ... read 1 more

What is your favourite Britney Spears song?


written by owen, 2010-Aug-16, Answer this question2

Gods Child answered: toxic it's so pop-y but different ... read 1 more

Has spying ever seemed a more glamorous profession?

Check out the recent stories about Russian spy Anna Chapman (alias)and tell me if it doesn't make you dream of becoming a secret agent/party goer.

written by Gods Child, 2010-Jul-2, Answer this question24

owen answered: well the only torture I like is the slow and boring kind [riiight] ... read 23 more

Who are you hoping will win world cup 2010?

if all goes well

written by owen, 2010-Jun-29, Answer this question4

Aurie answered: Netherlands hopefully will beat Spain on Sunday ... read 3 more

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