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On a good day Stunner is in a life of complicated love, male child, hangs around a place called "jamaica".

I have a cool website at Be sure to check it out.

Why do I have to tell you what I am thinking?


Photography, blogging, traveling, etc

Interview Questions

2009, worst year ever?

It think it was the the worse year ever since 9/11. But hey every year gets worse than the one before!

How long would you stay at your job if you could be guaranteed the salary you want plus the benefits you need but would have to do very boring and repetitive work?

In these hard times, I would stick with it until I can find something better... but hey aren't most jobs like that? But having a roast or hobby on the side that you love helps!

Washing machines, what are they good for?

Well I have had my Whirlpool for over 5 years now and it still works fine! It washes my clothes quite well.

What have you lost at the beach?

I lost the use of my first camera... it fell in the water [sorry] But that paved the way for my growth in photography.

Jamaica Is The Third Happiest Place on The Planet !! What Do You Think?

I think that research is just a load of bull sh..!

What are your views on Global Warming?

It hot nuh r...!!!

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Da blog yah my yute.

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