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Logbook » How Do You Handle It?

written by Apostrophe S, published 2007-Aug-05, comment

My mother is angry with me. How do I feel? I don't feel so good about it, but at the same time, thats just how it is. Its not a new phenomenon. Sometimes <b>she</b> pisses me off and sometimes <b>I</b> piss her off. This happens from time to time. This time, I think its a bit of both, though I am sure that if you ask her about it, the fault is all mine.

As I say, <b>is just so it go.</b> (this is just how it is) This time, I plan not to phone her again until on or after September 30 (most likely after though). Perhaps I will feel like talking to her again by then. How can I just stop talking to her like that? Thats just how I am, I guess... I get this grudge carrying thing from her. Perhaps I am the one of her children who is most like her. Its unfortunate, but again, is just so it go...

How do <b>you</b> handle it when you and your parents fall out?

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Gods Child commented: I do the same thing. I give my Mother the silent treatment. I don't speak to my father unless I have to. Like if he calls and I didn't know it was him calling and answered the phone by mistake. I don't know what to tell you. Maybe you can avoid certain topics with her and try to do the things that the both of you enjoy. Beyond that, keep it really professional and put distance between you. ... read 8 more

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