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Redux » dooce on boobs

written by owen, published 2003-Sep-04, comment

My boobs are perhaps the most glaring side effect of second trimester pregnancy. I marvel at them daily, primarily because I’ve always wanted boobs, more than I ever wanted Malibu Barbie or front row tickets to a Debbie Gibson concert. If the 11-yr old Heather had known that the pregnant 28-yr old Heather was going to have so much glorious boobage, the 11-yr old Heather never would have worn that poorly designed padded bra for so many months

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Can you go back in time to kill your parents?


  • You build time machine

  • You go back in time
  • You kill your parents

If you kill your parens then you will never be born

  • You were not alive to build time machine
  • You were not alive to go back in time
  • You were not alive to kill your parents

If your parents aren't killed then you will be born
  • You build time machine
  • You go back in time
  • You kill your parents

written by CKnight on 2003-Sep-04, Answer this question16

Leifi Plumeros answered: If there's one thing I like more than pu***, dimethyltryptamine, beer, masturbation, midgets and pie... It's killing my parents. ... read 15 more

Do you believe in love?


written by Tracy on 2003-Sep-02, Answer this question15

owen answered: this is a trick question isn't it? ... read 14 more

Redux » Hanging around

written by owen, published 2003-Sep-01, comment

I had one of those weekends. You know the one where a girl invites you somewhere and you go and it's all like crazy?
I had nothing better to do still (considing that my computer was without hardrive :( ). Keeping my evenings free usually is my top priority. That and waking up early in the morning which never seems to happen because I stay out late at night and or hangout in front of my computer doing nothing. It can't even be decribed as hanging out still cause I don't hang. I don't know how to.

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What do you do with your money?

satisfy my technolust.

written by owen on 2003-Aug-28, Answer this question4

Nicola answered: I put it back on my money tree ... read 3 more