Can you go back in time to kill your parents?

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written by CKnight on 2003-Sep-04.


  • You build time machine

  • You go back in time
  • You kill your parents

If you kill your parens then you will never be born

  • You were not alive to build time machine
  • You were not alive to go back in time
  • You were not alive to kill your parents

If your parents aren't killed then you will be born
  • You build time machine
  • You go back in time
  • You kill your parents

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  1. If there's one thing I like more than pu***, dimethyltryptamine, beer, masturbation, midgets and pie... It's killing my parents.

    by Leifi Plumeros 2003-Nov-20 

  2. This is the most retarded type of question. Obviously, if one is alive, that indicates that ones parents were not killed prior to one's birth. Ergo, you didn't kill your parents. If you ever try, obviously you will fail, because you were born, and being born can only happen if your parents werent killed. Dumbass pocket philosophers...

    by Richard Cranium 2004-Apr-12 

  3. there is also another theory which I first saw in AI which would solves the whole going back and killing your parents problem. The theory suggests that time in itself is a constant line from an individuals perspective and if one were to go back to point-in ones past, it would result in that event of time travel being added to that person's timeline. The end result would be that you could not actually change your past only the current view of time but still get older in the process.
    All your life and your time travel events would simply just be added together instead of being subtracted. If such a subtraction where to occur time travellers would have to get younger as they moved back in time but this of course is all from a physical point of view.

    by owen 2004-Apr-30 

  4. First of all, the law of conservation of energy makes time travel impossible. In order to "travel in time" you have to suddenly make new energy (not to mention matter) appear in the universe (the time traveler suddenly appears out of thin air) in the past and disappear from the universe in the present... both of which are impossible.

    But let's assume you somehow find a way around the law of conservation of energy.

    We know that the "Arrow of time" always points in only one direction. We have some evidence, on the quantum-mchanical level, that time travel may occur (some quarks appear to exhibit this bechavior) but so far nobody has documented temoral anomolies beyond the millisecond scale. So far as we know, time travel on the scale of years or decades simply does not occur. This would seem to indicate that time travel of the sort needed to go back in time to kill one's parrent, if not physicly impossible, very likely to be extreemly impractical. At pressent, the science to send things through time simply does not exist. We don't even have a proven theory to base practical time travel on.

    But, since we're dealing in "ifs" here....

    Let's say that, somehow, you manage to go back in time. Wonderfull. Now, how do you know you're still in the same universe you started from? Could you not be in a parallel universe? If you are, anything you do in that parallel universe will have no consequences on your universe-of-origin (asuming you don't bring something bcak from said parallel universe to the universe of origin).

    In short, there's no evidence that a kill-your-parents-paradox could ever happen, so please stop wasting people's time with such drivvel.

    by DrWho 2005-Mar-07 

  5. Yes, you can travel back in time and kill your parents. But it would start a chain reation of events to change the future, you also would not be here.

    by Time Traveler 2005-Aug-30 

  6. I'm with DrWho on this one.

    by Hayo 2005-Aug-31 

  7. My Theory is that if one was born let's say in 1960.
    You'd be able to go back in time to 1970 and kill your parent. But would not be able to go back to 1959 and kill your perents, because you wouldn't have been born yet in order to do it in 1959.

    by Willow 2007-Feb-13 

  8. right.

    but then what? where do you go after youv done the deed since you technically never existed?

    are you then dead immediately?
    and whats the point?
    why go all the way back just to erase your existence - isnt that what suicide's for? (i dont support it or anything.. just saying)

    very confusing concept...

    by me 2007-Feb-13 

  9. you could go and kill them and then you would not be born

    by tree 2007-Jul-04 

  10. Dense

    by Tami 2007-Jul-04