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ChangeLog » erase and rewind

written by owen, published 2003-Aug-26, comment

My harddrive died last saturday. It seems as though I was never ment to have 3 harddrives in my machine - all at the same time. A clicking sound beset the ill-fated magnetic disk device. Over a year's worth of downloads, pictures and assorted wave files. I am not sad though, even though my computer can't boot. I needed to clean my inbox. Not the best way to do it but anyway the milk has dried.
I'll have to buy a new harddrive, format and begin anew. None permanent media sucks.

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ChangeLog » california dreaming

written by owen, published 2003-Aug-23, comment

I've being trying to think up new and unique sections to add to the site resently. It appears every thing interesting has already being done, reported on, displayed, modified and discussed. I seem to have pulled a blank with it comes to ideas. :(


  • I need some ideas for new content. Anybody got any ideas?
  • I got a 80 gig hard drive. :)
  • I'm not mad at the whole avatar thing. Really I'm not.

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What would you do if you were invisible?

Not only transparent but untouchable as well. Wait I am am invisible - technically. :|

written by owen on 2003-Aug-21, Answer this question120

AainaalyaA answered: I already am invisible/invincible ;-) .. wait.. what's that mole doing on your back? has it been there since birth, or did you just "developed" it out of curiosity? AA ... read 119 more

Guestbook » yu nuh have nutten beta fi do?

written by natin, published 2003-Aug-19, comment

web site look good, too bad it is much ado about nothing

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owen commented: Actually I do but being pointless is much more fun. Most everything you do is pointless anyhow. I just choose to have a website about it. ... read 8 more

Redux » five more seconds

written by owen, published 2003-Aug-18, comment

I've started listening to music on internet radio recently. Mostly trance, mood, techno slash whatever I can find. It appeals to me more if it's trapped in 50 megabyte mp3 files. Ordered by date, with nice little playlists in text files. But I listen none the less.
The further it is away, the better. The music doesn't even have to be in english. The less talking the better. Most of it can't even be found locally, in any CD outlet, drug store or otherwise. Songs such as; One More Day by Floris, or tif by ilo.
Probably the best thing to come out since cassette, portable radio players and the apple ipod.

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