Taking care of a Ricoh GR3

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written by owen on 2023-Oct-13.

After 40 thousand pictures and dropping the camera 4 times I am surprised the camera still works. It is a solid device. I even slipped and fell into a river which caused it to be submerged for approximately 2-3 seconds. I immediately took the batteries out and wrapped it in tissue paper - after a few days it was kicking again.

Accidents aside here are a few things I do to protect my camera;

  • Buy the stick on UV glass to help reduce the chance of dust getting into the front.
  • When not in use I keep the camera in a Polariod glasses case - its lightweight and just the right size but any case will do.
  • If the camera is inside my jeans pocket it in a glasses bag with a draw string. I have 2 of these that I wash and reuse every couple weeks to reduce dust build up.
  • I did try the JJC metal lens cap but it added a little extra bulk to the camera making it hard to fit in my pocket. A dust bag made of silk does a much better job while keeping the camera compact.
  • Every few weeks or after a long day of shooting I use a air blower, small brush and an alchol wipes to remove extra dust and hand grease from the camera. Be careful not to let too much liquid get into the body and the plastic parts.
  • I never use the usbc port because opening and closing that little flap is bound to get destroyed at some point. So I charge my battery in an external charger brick.

Thats pretty much it. Its a good camera. If at some point it breaks I would definately buy another or maybe go for the X.

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