What I am want in a new camera (point and shoot)

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written by owen on 2020-Aug-22.

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I could always keep using my old camera until the stars align ( it still works ) but its definitely time for an update.  As usual I make lists.  Lists are simple;

Smartphones are trash

I have said it before.  But the gish is that its not really about "the camera you have on you" - its about how average you want to be.  If you want to be like everyone else then use average tools.  Otherwise fts.  These people who recommend smart phones are using red cameras to make youtube videos.  You will spend more time watching their videos than creating your own.

Small + Inconspicuous

The camera has to be small and be able to fit in my jeans pocket.  Obviously it is not going to be as small as my previous Powershot elph 300HS but it has to be small while still taking good quality photos.  This rules out the Fuji X100V - I do not want to get jacked on the streets.  As for Leica it must be nice.

Bigger image sensor

I am done with small sensor cameras, for years I wondered why the quality of my photos never got better even though I was constantly upgrading to higher megapixel cameras.  A few features improved but Canon was simply shipping the same tiny sensor while doubling the resolution.  3.2mp, 6mp, 12mp, Canon fts.  Fool me once, fool me twice.
The Canon G7x is too big, (plus I never do video) so I then was looking into the the G9X but it seems than Canon is never going to release a Mark3 for that camera.  Canon fts.

New hardware + Updateable

I keep my cameras for years.  I think my current camera has been going strong for 6 years.  Too many devices get released with micro usb ports and never get updates.  Canon and Sony fall into the group of neglecting their cheaper cameras.  I know personally that I do not have the money to buy a 2000$ camera so fts.  Nothing should be released in 2020 without a USBc port.

Processing speed and In body stabilization (IBIS)

I need stabilization.  Its something you never know you need until you experience it.   I mostly take candid photos.  Or I am in a location where I am the only person taking pictures and everyone wonders wtf.  So it is rare that I have the opportunity to fully compose a shot.  Which means I need to run and gun.  So the camera has to be able to keep up with the kind of pictures I take.  IBIS will hopefully reduce the amount of blurry pictures I have to delete at the end of the day.


Obviously all these things will come at cost and trade offs but only patient men ride donkeys.  There are not many options in the point and shoot camera market - well not many "good" options - so compromises will have to be made but thats pretty much how life is.  The best iphone is $1100 right now but its a consumption trap that will surely develop a random problem within 2 years.  It is obvious that if I want the best quality I have to buy a big camera but the point is not to achieve perfection but escape the trap of average consumer tech.  And maybe - just maybe get better at taking pictures.  When you try your best and you dont succeed....

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  1. I wish you bought the x100v so I could buy it from you ????

    by BillGates 2022-Apr-25 

  2. I bought eventually bought a Ricoh GR3. The x100v was more expensive and larger. If you are worried about customs feeds and import duties a just so it go. All my recent photos are now take with the Ricoh

    by owen 2022-Apr-25