What were your favorite songs/videos Of 2022?

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written by owen on 2023-Jan-02.

With the numerous sources of video content in circulation nowadays I would be impressed if anyone can remember anything past yesterday. Personally I avoid most random content and have been delving into mostly old stuff I stumble across.

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  1. harry styles - she
    Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar

    by owen 2023-Jan-02 

  2. Valiant - Dunce Cheque
    Valiant - Siance

    by owen 2023-Jan-02 

  3. Parcels - Live Vol. 1

    Parcels - Tieduprightnow

    Parcels - Lightenup

    by owen 2023-Jan-02 

  4. Cannons | School Night Concert

    Cannons - Fire for You

    by owen 2023-Jan-02 

  5. Zara Larsson - Lush Life


    by owen 2023-Jan-02