What were your favorite songs/videos Of 2021?

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written by owen on 2022-Jan-08.

The music scene picked back up a bit but not fully 100. I listened to alot more random mixes this year and fell in love with some old tracks and old band like Jungle. post your favourite songs in the comments.

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  1. Drive - Eleven Pond

    by owen 2022-Jan-08 

  2. DyE - Fantasy - Official Video

    Claudia - Deixa eu dizer (here in this mix)

    J. Cole - Everybody Dies

    by owen 2022-Jan-08 

  3. hmmm....

    Ame Bibabi - Chin up High

    Jungle - Busy Earnin (every song in this movie)

    Jungle - Casio

    by owen 2022-Jan-08 

  4. I like Katy perry

    by ComputerHuman 2022-Mar-10