Social media is killing our Creativity

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written by owen on 2015-Oct-10.

We spend too much time looking into the void - watching old tv shows, reading lists of 55 things you should read, watching trailers for trailers, pre-ordering unfinished ideas. We are all waiting for that cool thing that we can repost and get 100k likes. We want to be MMP - Mass Media popular. Be bueatiful. Most of us want mass media stuff and others believe that everyone is watching them and expecting us to post really funny stuff. We want to go viral. All this reading and hoping takes alot of work and produces very little. So what do we do? We crawl into the tall grass and spend all day looking for inspiration in random videos. And produce NOTHING.

The tall grass

There is just too much new stuff to look at. We end up having very little time to create any of it ourselves. It is like living in the midst of 10 delicious fast food restaurants - there would be no need to cook anything yourself. For most people this is fine but what has been happening is that the cooks themselves are getting sucked into the trap. You lose your creativity because you never get out of the lunch line. You keep going from restaurant to restaurant eating a constant array of cool meals and you share them with friends and your friends re-in force the habit.

All websites are the same because mobile is the future. But seriously what are people doing on mobile? Watching netflix? Vines all day? This is a really cool future we live in. Too bad my cellphone data costs so much. I can do the same things on my computer for free but on my 16gig iPhone 6s that I bought on lay-a-way I have to use cloud services and pay for my data every 3 days - FUN! Who's future is mobile? I am still waiting for Star Trek food but all we get is 3d force touch - right click for cellphones. So innovative!


It is all advertisements. All day, everyday. We live to consume, we consume to live. Round and a round we go. All retch and no vomit. Why do products you buy have logos on them? Are they afraid that you are going to steal their design?

We repost pointless advertisements that we see on pointless websites, we wear ads, we buy ads with embedded ads and never write any advertisements ourselves because we are afraid to offend anyone or take a chance or be sexist or be original or racist or step on the toes of people who are living in la la land. Trying to get rich in a world that is controlled by forces which do not care about their dreams or desires. Think deeper. Stop being rude. Someone may be hurt by what you say. It is a risk that what you say might be right.

Back in the day it was cable tv, nowadays social media is keeping us busy with a never ending flood of content and entertainment. Not enough time to be creative.


Being original is definitely hard. This stresses some people out. Design patterns. Not everyone is creative. Some people cannot keep up with all this social media stuff. Luckily social media does not care. There are other people to replace you when you disappear for 3 years because you had to go to rehab for your drinking addiction. No, no, no. One day you will get married or move on to something else and put all this behind you. But social media will still be here being social - making popular stuff more popular. What will you have to show for it? Nothing except Facepage memories.

There is this cool show...

Are you watching Empire? Power? Maybe, I do not know, should I? Why do I need to watch it when you are watching it? Just tell me how it went, save me some time. Time is money. I will watch Power and you watch Empire and we can meet up and talk about the good parts over coffee or mannish water soup. Why should we waste our individual-time-separately watching something that our friends have already watched? Been there done that! Write me some crib notes or something, do a review. Save a life. Set me free from your addiction. Better yet I could be doing some other stuff while you do that.

There is the real world, a world of dreams and then there is social media somewhere in the middle. You pat my back and I will pat yours only if you have more followers than I do. I don't want to step on someone shoes. Do not say anything if you have nothing good to say. No free advertisements because you are clearly out to steal my crowd. Sign over all your rights and copyrights to be a part of my club house. I cannot let you play in my sandbox. A sandbox inside another sandbox, inside another. We are all stars now.

No Trust

There are videos on youtube that are 24 hours long. I have watched all of them and I can tell you in all honesty that it is not worth your time and, it will not improve your life in any way to watch them. I am not being a hater or a troll. I am just trying to save you some time. There is no "dislike" button, no button that can guarantee that my opinion is not biased towards my own hidden agenda. All I can do is say what I have to say. It is my opinion. My opinion is not from a glass that is half-full or half-empty - it is not based on common sense. My opinion is from the internet and on the internet there are no real glasses or spoons. Only text and pictures.

Maybe it is a case of a lack of trust. I am not sure. We take comfort in being apart of a large group of people on separate wagons with a different wallpaper. The wallpaper makes us unique. Change your profile picture.

We should set up Facepage accounts for all our children and teach them programming so that they too can be plugged into the social media matrix and write apps for smartphones until they become Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. All 6 billion of them. Like my Facepage. What do you know about pressure? Tripe and Beans.


Everything is awesome and only some people are happy. Everyone is having a good time in this all night social media party. We ignore the real people while we like them online because online is clean. For everyone else who consider themselves "creative"; please drop me some cool stuff to look at and get off the facepage. I need a big heal boot and bell foot pants. There is just too much stuff. There is no way I can like all your Facepages.

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  1. This CSS is like 10 years old. Some people are satisfied with playing bejeweled clones on a touch screen.

    by owen 2015-Nov-01 

  2. I had thought you had used CSS column, but I see it is a Masonry script. I am actively seeking out ways to avoid using Javascript wherever possible.

    by Satanforce 2015-Nov-02 

  3. Can't avoid JS unless you know exactly the size of everything that you have on screen and pre-arrange them. This is easy to do with photo grids but much harder when you have dynamic text, headings and random stuff like I have on the news page.

    by owen 2015-Nov-02 

  4. I think I have phrased that wrongly. What I meant is that we should avoid the use of Javascript frameworks whenever possible. Right now, I see so many things ending with .js, that I wonder if Javascript frameworks will become their own type of programming. How can one keep up?
    A lot of what I see done in JS, especially with jQuery UI, can be done with CSS3. However, the columns example I gave is not one of them, as CSS3 columns would only sort them vertically

    by Satanforce 2015-Nov-07 

  5. Jquery is very useful. Css3 is the domain of "modern browsers". If you have the right mix of both you can get by with having to keep up with the "hip crowd". Javascript is not anything new or revolutionary. People are just hyping it up and writing redundant articles.

    by owen 2015-Nov-07