No Urinating

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written by owen on 2013-Jul-23.

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This is one of the problems we have in Jamaica. You can't have any kind or corner anywhere in a major city of someone will go there and urinate. I don't know why it is so hard for city planner to make public bathrooms that are maintainable but its probably just one of those things we can't escape like physics or something.

Anyway this was taken at the Mandeville court house stairs.

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  1. why can't people just go at home, or at work, or at whatever place so that they don't get caught unawares on the street? It is such a nuisance at the train station near my home. I think if I could afford to, I would move away just because of that nastiness.

    by Gods Child 2013-Aug-30 

  2. I think its the people who spend all day on the road OR don't really have homes to go home to.

    by owen 2013-Aug-30