Blue Eyes

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written by owen on 2012-Dec-28.

There will be things that you can see but you cannot have. Like cute monkeys a the zoo. There is only so much. I drank all my orange juice and now I only have ice cubes that are melting slowly. These ice cubes are not the same as the ones I had as a child. They seem to be engineered. I used to like ice cubes. Not anymore.

This place is getting crowded. I can only sit here staring at women in short shorts before the security guards start giving me the eye. I better head home. The longer I stay out the greater the chance of me being spotted by someone I know. They will want to know what I have been doing with my life, what kinda car I drive and to whom the bell tolls.

Nobody seems to be creating anything. This is the age of tablet computing. Everybody is reading second hand news like they watching CNN, on repeat. The dove of hope has begun its downward slope. I bought a kindle for my mom. I tried to use it in public but it distracted me from the act of watching people as they go about their business - which is ten times more fun.

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  1. Kindle distracting you from your stalker behaviour might be a good thing.

    by Tami 2013-Jan-02 

  2. It is quite fun to 'people watch' you see such interesting things! I haven't done that in a while ... too darn cold here for my liking.

    Have an awesome 2013 dear!

    by Ayo 2013-Jan-06 

  3. stay inside and wear a jacket!

    by owen 2013-Jan-07