1. vaguely resembles something my father-in-law calls carailie. . . bitter stuff. About as bitter as susumber.
    I think it is known in English as bitter melon.

    Check out the wikipedia on this. . . apparently one can even use it as an ingredient in beer:

    by Gods Child 2012-Oct-08 

  2. looks like a cucumber but it could be a cactus too

    by owen 2012-Oct-09 

  3. why don't you buy some, and cut it up and fry it? Frying makes everything taste good.

    by God Child 2012-Oct-10 

  4. It does not look like something that would taste good in any situation. Unless I was stranded on a desert island with no bananas.

    by owen 2012-Oct-19 

  5. it doesn't look like something you'd want to knowingly eat :S

    A breed of okra, cactus and shrivelled cucumbers? :S

    by Ayo 2012-Nov-25 

  6. I dont care what it is, Im gonna deep fry it.

    by ThatCreepyWhiteGuy 2013-Nov-25