1. You posts so much food on this blog; anyone would think your'e overweight!

    by Tami 2012-Jul-20 

  2. Food and Eats is probably the easiest photo project of them all, sometimes I even forget to take a photo

    by owen 2012-Jul-22 

  3. Have you heard the one about carrots being artificial because they have no seeds?

    Complete rubbish.

    by Gods Child 2012-Jul-22 

  4. no I never really thought about carrots. Aren't they roots?

    by owen 2012-Jul-24 

  5. yes they are, but then people persist and point out that other roots grow from eyes/seeds you can harvest but yet you have to buy carrot seeds.
    Anyway, don't get into arguments with these people. The carrot takes two years to go to seed and the seed is minuscule. That is why they cannot see them.

    by Gods Child 2012-Jul-25 

  6. can't you just re-plant the whole carrot when you buy it?

    by owen 2012-Jul-26 

  7. I'm not so sure about that. I haven't tried it. They're not like potatos.

    by Gods Child 2012-Aug-02 

  8. hmmmm potatos are good

    by owen 2012-Sep-23