Cheese Cake from Pastry Box Barbados

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written by owen on 2012-May-21.

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Best cheese cake ever. Cheese cake is one of those delicacies that could never been achieved without modern technology, polution and refrigeration. The work of 1000s of people came together to bring the taste to my lips, it is truly the work of the devil.

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  1. I think you forgot about the cow who also provided the milk used to make the cheese in your cheesecake.

    by Gods Child 2012-May-22 

  2. The cow just provides the milk, without the extra work and hacking it is not going to change into anything else. Plus there are also other inputs which I can't even imagine at the moment. SOmebody had to build a plane and fly me always the way across the Caribbean sea at 600 mph just to get there intime before it spoiled. :p

    by owen 2012-May-22 

  3. Owen you can go live there it would be easier, then your neice and I could have another Caribbean vacation spot.

    by geesquare 2012-Jun-17