Prometheus Review

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written by owen on 2012-Jun-12.

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Scientists making illogical and stupid decisions. Thats the whole movie. Most of the charactors were flat. Charlize Therone needs to gain like 20 pounds. A18 movie with 2 perfect oppurtunites for nude sex scenes but decide to fade to black. The story connects to aliens but its all really just a farse.

If you go to an alien planet, why take off you helmet outside? It breaks quarantine, EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT! Why would you take off your helmet? Is it uncomfortable, is it inching you? With all the scifi-wizardry in the movie nothing is really scientific; hyper-sleep? proximity scans? skin tight rubber suits? been there done that. There are episodes of Star Trek that have more sci-fi and smarter people than this movie.

7 out of 10. A few pretty scenes from national geographic but nothing you haven't seen before. The original movie is better. Rent it or watch it on cable.

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