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Green Car

written by owen, published 2008-Sep-29, comment

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6 Love

written by Mad Bull, published 2008-Jul-12, comment

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Here is a nice little Porsche Boxster... the license plate reads, "6 LOVE". Most men that I know usually run from getting a 6-love, but I wouldn't mind the owner giving ME 6 LOVE still! :)

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owen commented: I still like the older porshes better ... read 1 more

Honda civic

written by bobby, published 2007-Aug-31, comment

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Stock ..high end from Signapore has the cvt transmission... which is rather cool

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bobby commented: Hey thanks for the re-touch Owen. [congrats]. Just didn't get around to doing myself yet. ... read 2 more


written by owen, published 2007-Jul-01, comment

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1989 honda civic

written by owen, published 2007-May-26, comment

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mad bull commented: Is this yours, Owen? ... read 5 more