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written by owen on 2021-Dec-10.

Its been happening a while (even before call of duty modern warfare) that as soon as it hits 9-ish I am out like a lamp. I remember when I was younger I would stay up until late working on something or playing a video game or watching a movie. Maybe back then I had fewer forms of entertainment. Maybe things were simpler back then; simpler constructs, simpler dimensions, simpler distances, physics. I do not know.

I am chilling in a world of chaos. I am slowly getting over black and white photography but there is still some utility in black+white so I am juggling between the 2 states of colour. Whats next? I think I need to focus on spaces which is hard to do with so much confusion in the world. when I think about whats next I might need to pose some scenes rather than waiting for things to happen. I have been playing with the idea of taking more portraits but portraits require good lighting.

I think I have watched every interesting movie that is on the internet. Lately movies released have are long and boring, trying to be artsy - artsy just wastes time. My time better spent watching older movies but with the numerous streaming services my favourite old movies are locked behind many subscriptions. So what do I do? Watch what I can, avoid mini-series and things with more than 3 seasons. for heaven sake, JUST LET THE STORY END!

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